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Pond Builders


The most important key item for a good lake or pond is the construction of it.  A well built pond will last for a very long time. The soil is very important, you will need a good underneath layer of clay. You can’t always judge a good pond by its water color. Most think that clear water is good and brown water is bad. But actually that’s not true according to a local biologist. He says the ideal water color is that when you put your hand in the pond, you can’t see your fingers. We are the leading pond builder in Lake Charles LA.

We build custom ponds and also dams.  The dam is a very important part of pond construction process. If you don’t have a well designed dam, it will leak or worst case it will actually break.  The dam needs to be free of trees and brush.  You don’t want anything that could cause a leak like sticks, trunks or large rocks.

We have the excavators and dozers to get your pond and dam perfect for many years of life, fishing and activities.  We also offer full pond management services and have worked with many different Louisiana fish farms.

Pond Building

We are soil movers of all types. We can offer you a good farm pond design and our pond contractor services are 2nd to none in the Lake Charles LA and Beaumont TX areas. There is nothing better than coming home from a long days work and sitting on the dock with your own personal small lake or pond to fish or swim in! Our lake management services makes sure that you won’t have too many shallow area or flat spots.

This is important because you will attract undesirable vegetative growth and will grow very fast. You don’t want your watering hole to get away from you! We have seen contamination and erosion with poorly designed ponds and lakes as well. We offer full renovation on a non-performing body of water as well. Call: (337) 377-0017

We also consider your goals and budget. Our goal is to meet your expectations and within budget. We have available every kind of earth moving equipment needed to construct your pond or lake.

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We don’t overlook any detail. Some of our past clients wanted to add a few of the following:

  • Boat Docks – We can build you a custom made dock.
  • Boat Ramp – If you need a ramp to back your boat into the water, we can design that for you.
  • Water Features – Do you want to really dress your lake up? Add a fountain or water fall.
  • Pond Lining – Your custom lake or pond might need a lining before it fills with water. We have the capabilities to line your lake with the proper type of lining so it will last for a long time!

Maybe you don’t have 20+ acres to build a large pond or lake and you just want something smaller. We also offer:

  • Small Pond Management
  • Koi Ponds
  • Catfish Ponds

No matter what your lake or pond needs and desires are, please call us today for a free estimate. Call:
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