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Dock Building Services


Building Docks in Lake Charles Louisiana

Building Docks in Lake Charles Louisiana is what we do and we do it right. We have had lots of experience with your area and the Lake Charles Louisiana. This gives us a bit of an advantage over some of the other companies. As each lake bed is completely different than the next. Working with Lake Charles Louisiana is something we think as a specialty.

Wood Docks

Wood docks have their own beauty and strength. They are affordable to install and cost less for the initial installation. However, wood is not going to last forever, but it does last for many years with some upkeep. Wood will warp, rot, splinter, get bugs and such and will need some maintenance over time. However, it offers the natural beauty of the environment of the lake. Which is why many people still love the Wooden Docks. They can be a bit heavy when installing or fixing as the wood is usually treated. And, they will need to have parts and components fixed and replaced in time.

Metal Docks

Metal docks are usually made of Aluminum, so they cost more for just the basic materials to build the dock.  However, they are basically maintenance free.  They are the most durable material out there and offer a great amount of flexibility.  And, they stay the coolest in the sun.  That is compared to painted wood, stained wood, concrete, pavers and such that tend to absorb the heat of the sun more than that of an aluminum dock.   The last thing you want to do after a nice boat ride or dip in the water is step out onto a hot dock.

 With Aluminum docks, the most important part of the dock to ensure safety is the weld. Ensure you are working with quality products and welder to keep you and your friends and family safe while on the dock.  The Aluminum docks are much stronger than that of a wooden dock.  And, they are more lightweight, should you have to take your dock in and out for some reason.

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Overall, Aluminum is light way, easy to work with, offer many design options and lasts a very long time with no maintenance.  These are of the best choice in dock materials, however, some people still prefer the aesthetics and price of a wooden dock.  This is generally a personal preference as both work for the function, just which is most affordable for the budget and what they like the look of.  Aluminum is more of a modern look with wood being more of a natural look.  If a little maintenance doesn’t bother you and you want to save money then go with the wooden dock.  And, if set it up and forget is more your style, than an aluminum dock is a better option.

We Build Concrete Retaining walls

The retaining wall is the difference of having a yard and not having a yard.  You must have one in order for errosion to not take place.  There are many options for this but we install concrete retaining walls as they are a great barrier between the water and land. Keeping your land from going into the water is important.  These walls are a must and can last up to 40 years or more if they are installed correctly the first time.  They can be a basic wall or you can have stamped concrete put in to add to the look of the wall.  Concrete retaining walls come in a variety of designs and shapes.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss.