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Demolition Services 

We offer Demolition Services in Lake Charles, LA.  Do you have an old building, structure, retaining wall or otherwise that needs demoing to get the land back to the natural state?  Are you looking to build?  And, you have old foundations or buildings to clear?   Do you have a building that is completely surrounded by other buildings?   We are happy to remove that with ease.  We can help. Specializing in the removal of all structures and buildings.  No job is too big or small for our team of experts.

We work in destroying everything in our path, in a safe manner of course.  With the proper knowledge and tools, you can have great results and happy neighbors at the same time.  Don’t try to do the demo yourself, this is what we do all day long and we do it well.  Are you looking to totally gut your home to make a completely new floor plan?  We can help.  Have plaster walls that you’d like to make into drywall and more insulation?  Yes, we are demolition services in Lake Charles, LA and we can do that big demolition jobs and the small with care and ease.

Lake Charles, LA Demolition Services

Working with the right Demolition company can mean progress of your project.  The right company will demo the parts that need demo and leave the structures around it intact.  Cleaning up as we go to ensure safety and a clean building site.  Working in a fashion that will leave everything ready for the next step.  Even if it is cleaning up the neighborhood and installing a nice park.  Clearing the soil of Debris and leaving a great foundation for a park.

We can do Industrial Demolition, Commercial Demolition, Residential Demolitions, Building, Scrap and Investment and Asset Recovery Services.  We remove industrial buildings with ease.  Give us a call.  We are happy to remove buildings that contain chemicals.  And, work with the proper authorities to do this in the right fashion.   While offering safe and efficient demolition for any sort of demolition project.

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Demolition Experts

Are you looking to salvage your machinery inside the building before demolition?  We can do that as well.  Should you have large machines inside that need to be sold or have been sold and need to come out.  We can help.  With our expert teams, we can get a wall down or roof off and remove the equipment with ease.

Leave your Demolition to the experts.  We will send scrap metal to be recycled and concrete to be crushed for gravel.  We work as environmentally friendly as possible.  Our teams are trained to take down buildings while leaving the remaining neighborhood untouched.  We do this with ease and a finesse that will leave your neighbors impressed.  Our clean up crews are ready to come in and take care of the rest.  Preparing the property to be ready for the next step is what we do.  Give us a call.  We are happy to discuss the various options for your particular project.  We work with your to solve the issues at hand.