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About Our Company

We have some of the most modern dozers and excavators in the state. We are properly insured and licensed to do excavation work all over the area.


Our Story

Safety is our #1 concern when working on your construction site. We only hire professional heavy equipment operators. Our goal is to not just do one dirt work project for you but to have you as a life long client. Our customer service and friendly faces are the key to our success.

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Our home base is Lake Charles, Louisiana. With a population of around 77,000 people our name is best spread by satisfied clients.  The city is the 5th most populated city in Louisiana. Our weather can be awesome in the spring and fall but during the summer we are one of the United State’s most humid cities.


But don’t let that stop you from visiting! You can always get on the lake for many water related activities and cool down. We have numerous manufacturing plants and industrial parks where our locals work in true blue collar industries. Lake Charles also has numerous casinos, shopping and restaurants to appease all potential visitors or residents.

One of the more devastating times in our local history was in September of 2005 when Hurricane Rita slammed into our city, starting fires, breaking windows and causing over a million residents to be without power. It caused several million dollars worth of damage and actually closed some casinos and commercial businesses on the coastline. Luckily the good people of Lake Charles and surrounding area have bounced back and re-built many of the structures that were ruined.

We also offer excavation services in Beaumont Texas. Beaumont is roughly 60 miles straight west of Lake Charles. We offer all of the same services there and do a lot of work on the Interstate 10 which is connects the two cities. Orange Texas is almost in the middle of Beaumont and Lake Charles. We pride ourselves in being an Orange TX excavation contractor. We have done several projects in Orange like site work, dirt work and lot clearing. Call: (337) 377-0017